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Serious Injuries After Car Accident


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When a Car Accident Results in Serious Injuries

Any car accident is frightening and can result in medical bills and lost wages. However, a car accident resulting in serious personal injury is a major event that should be treated very seriously — both in terms of medical evaluation and treatment and pursuit of your legal right to financial compensation from the responsible party.

At Wiseman Bray PLLC, with offices in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee, our knowledgeable attorneys have significant experience representing the victims of serious car accidents in car accident and personal injury lawsuits to recover financial compensation.

Is it time to call a Memphis car accident lawyer?

Led by Harvard-educated attorney Lang Wiseman, our team of personal injury lawyers stands ready to work with the victims of serious car accidents and their families — we use all our legal skills to fight for the best possible financial compensation in these difficult cases.

Get Complete Medical Care From High-Quality Doctors

After a serious car accident, it can take days or even weeks for the full extent of your injuries to become clear to your health care provider. It is critically important to stay in constant communication with your doctors about any medical symptoms you experience. This is especially true in the case of head or spinal cord injuries.

As your personal injury lawyer, we need to know with some certainty the full extent of your injuries in order to build a solid case on your behalf.

For the same reason, we may refer you to additional medical and vocational specialists for testing and evaluation. This is especially likely in the case of serious injuries to the head, neck or back.

Get More Information About Car Accidents and Personal Injury Lawsuits

Answers to some general questions about injury accidents are available on the following pages of this Web site:

To discuss your specific situation, however, we encourage you to contact our offices for a free initial consultation with a Nashville or Memphis car accident lawyer. Call 901.730.4952 or send us an e-mail.